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Lions Clubs International Foundation is very grateful for supporters like you, whose gifts from their estates help Lions continue serving communities, meeting humanitarian needs, improving health and well-being, and protecting those most vulnerable. Donors like you provide positive action, change and hope for generations to come. Your gift can make impacts like these.

eBook Cover Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic

Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic

This is the story of only one life changed thanks to Lions and LCIF. This is just a glimpse at the impact of our work and what is possible. Now is your chance to join the fight against diabetes and make a difference. Every dollar counts and yours could provide the early diagnosis that leads to a long and healthy life for someone on the other side of town or the other side of the world. Make a donation to LCIF today to make early detection of diabetes and access to care possible for countless people worldwide.
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LCIF Disaster Relief: Hope for the Future in Puerto Rico

Emergency grant funds arrived from LCIF, so Vázquez jumped into action calling Puerto Rico’s three Lions clubs district governors – Ayala in the east, Emilio Colón Rodríguez in the central mountains, and Cristino Hernández on the west coast — to organize the shipment of supplies for regional distribution. “I told my Lions that supplies were coming,” Ayala says. “It was time to put some sweat into our vests.”
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planting blueberry bushes

A Blueberry Orchard for Generations

Thanks to LCIF, the Anthem Foundation, Albany Troy Lions Club, Lion Gregory Sheldon, and the incredible community volunteers, this neighborhood now has a beautiful orchard they can care for and enjoy for multiple generations. “All the kids that worked hard to develop this site will be able to share these blueberries with their kids. This is truly why we do what we do,” says Sheldon.
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Lions KidSight USA: Community Eye Screening for Children

An Attitude of Gratitude: Thank You, Lions!

Seven-year-old Vivian did not know she had a vision problem—after all, how could she? Thankfully, a Lions KidSight USA vision screening caught her problem in time. In our gratitude blog series, we’re excited to share the stories of our Lions and the lives they’ve touched. This is Vivian’s story.
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